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Transforming Small Herds: Discover the Conquistador Select Model

In the heart of ranching innovation lies the Conquistador Select Model, a compact powerhouse redefining efficiency for smaller operations. Dubbed the “Cadillac of corrals,” this model ensures that even the most modestly sized herds can enjoy the pinnacle of quality and design that Conquistador is celebrated for.  Let’s explore why the Select Model is the […]

Optimizing Ranch Operations with MJE Livestock Equipment Modular Working Facilities

Enhancing Ranch Efficiency Ranching demands efficiency and adaptability. MJE Livestock Equipment’s Modular Working Facilities revolutionize how ranchers approach their operations by marrying portability with enduring strength. These facilities streamline daily tasks and adapt as your business evolves, ensuring your investments continue to pay dividends as your needs change. They are also engineered for enhanced safety […]

Size Does Matter: The Key to a Profitable Herd

Proper corral sizing is more than a convenience; it’s a cornerstone of effective herd management. The right-sized Conquistador Wheel Corral for your herd and pasture size ensures stress-free handling is vital for cattle health. Stress impacts weight gain, reproductive efficiency, and immunity, so a calm environment created by a well-sized corral can lead to healthier, […]

Maximizing Herd Health & Value with Portable Load Chutes

Easy Herd Management with On-Pasture Loading In cattle ranching, ensuring the well-being of your herd is paramount to achieving top market value. The portable load chute by MJE Livestock Equipment, especially when paired with Conquistador corrals, is revolutionary, providing a stress-minimized experience crucial for cattle health and rancher profitability.  Sydney Schmidt from Superior Livestock attests, […]

MJE Livestock Equipment Integrates Allflex® Ear Tag Readers

MJE Livestock Equipment, the leader in advanced wheel corrals for the livestock industry, has announced the introduction of integrated ear-tag readers into its Conquistador Wheel corral. “By integrating ear-tag readers, we’ve taken the next logical step in the evolution of wheel corrals for modern cow-calf producers,” said Heather Jantz, COO of MJE Livestock Equipment. She […]


In the ever-evolving world of ranching, staying ahead means adapting to change. MJE Livestock Equipment’s modular working facilities meet today’s demands and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. Our Choice and Prime Working Facilities are more than just structures; they’re versatile solutions for progressive ranchers. Here are the top 5 reasons our modular facilities are the future-proof choice […]

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