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Top 5 Reasons a Modular Corral Boosts Profitability on Your Ranch

Modular Corral Systems are an investment in your ranch designed with customization in mind to fit every rancher’s needs and boost the overall profitability of your herd. A great working facility offers real-life ranch benefits that impact your bottom dollar. MJE Livestock Equipment offers two starter sets that provide everything a Rancher needs to work cattle […]

The Calf Hutch Latch Awarded United States Patent

Montezuma, Kansas: On September 13, 2022, MJE, LLC was awarded a patent for the Calf Hutch Latch & Tethering System invented by MJE Livestock Equipment lead product designer Steve Deges.    The process for obtaining the patent began in April 2019 and has taken several years to complete. A first for MJE Livestock Equipment and Steve […]

Top 5 Reasons You NEED The Conquistador Wheel Corral

Ranchers and cattlemen and women are busy people. A lifelong cattleman designed the Conquistador Wheel Corral to make the lives of ranchers easier while prioritizing cattle comfort. These are the Top 5 Reasons you need The Conquistador Wheel Corral. Top 5 Reasons You Need The Conquistador –  You have cattle spread out over a few […]

Tips for Choosing The Best Livestock Fencing for You

It is essential to ensure you have everything you’ll need to care for your livestock. Choosing the best livestock fencing for your specific needs depends on asking the right questions upfront. Work with designers who know cattle and can custom-design facilities for every ranch.

Premium Products – Top Reasons Ranchers Choose MJE Livestock Equipment

Let’s be real – livestock equipment isn’t hard to find. MJE Livestock equipment isn’t like the stuff you’ll find everywhere else. Our Premium Products are for the modern cow/calf rancher who takes their operation seriously.


To demystify the process and pricing of livestock equipment, we’ve put together the Top 5 things you need to know about how the Steel Industry market fluctuations affect farmers and ranchers.

The effect of the pandemic on the steel market has been significant. However, experience tells us that the markets have begun to stabilize, but the trickle-down nature of the stabilization will take a while to reach consumers. In the meantime, MJE Livestock Equipment will do our best to keep customers aware of the changes and prices accordingly.

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