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The Patented Calf Hutch Latch: A Booming Success for MJE Livestock Equipment

MJE Livestock Equipment, a pioneer in innovative livestock equipment solutions, is thrilled to announce that their patented and award-winning product, the Calf Hutch Latch, has continued to soar in popularity with sales surpassing a remarkable 153,200 latches nationwide. Introduced to the market in 2020, the Calf Hutch Latch quickly gained recognition for its game-changing approach […]

Pinkeye Problems For Livestock

by Dr. Tera Barnhardt, DVM Many parts of the country are knee-deep in grass right now, which is a good problem to have when you’re raising cattle! Along with this wonderful blessing can come a few drawbacks. An issue I have been seeing a lot of and answering a lot of questions about is pinkeye! […]

Tips for Managing Your Herd During a Drought

with Dr. Tera Barnhardt, DVM, MS When we’re staring down the barrel of another drought year, there will be difficult decisions on the ranch. When feed is expensive and scarce, we must work smarter with our resources. Being aggressive and progressive with a few management decisions might make you look at your ROI with different […]

Bringing The Heat: Livestock Handling in Heat and Drought

Rising temperatures challenge beef producers across the globe. Livestock Handling during extreme heat is tricky. Veterinarian and livestock specialist, Dr. Tera Barnhardt offers strategies and techniques to help to combat the heat and drought.

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