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Bringing The Heat: Livestock Handling in Heat and Drought

Rising temperatures challenge beef producers across the globe. Livestock Handling during extreme heat is tricky. Veterinarian and livestock specialist, Dr. Tera Barnhardt offers strategies and techniques to help to combat the heat and drought.

Tips for Choosing The Best Livestock Fencing for You

It is essential to ensure you have everything you’ll need to care for your livestock. Choosing the best livestock fencing for your specific needs depends on asking the right questions upfront. Work with designers who know cattle and can custom-design facilities for every ranch.

Shipping and Freight Challenges

Shipping and Freight Challenges impact manufacturers and consumers across the United States. Rising fuel costs, labor shortages, and specifically difficulties in LTL freight present unique challenges. MJE Livestock Equipment offers ways to minimize their impact on consumers.

Premium Products – Top Reasons Ranchers Choose MJE Livestock Equipment

Let’s be real – livestock equipment isn’t hard to find. MJE Livestock equipment isn’t like the stuff you’ll find everywhere else. Our Premium Products are for the modern cow/calf rancher who takes their operation seriously.

The Ultimate Guide to Reliable Manufacturing

No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on livestock equipment that isn’t built to last. MJE Livestock Equipment is strong and intuitively designed with the person handling the cattle in mind. In addition, LE products are easily interchangeable for a variety of configurations. High-Quality Materials Our lead equipment designer, Steve Deges, is a stickler […]


To demystify the process and pricing of livestock equipment, we’ve put together the Top 5 things you need to know about how the Steel Industry market fluctuations affect farmers and ranchers.

The effect of the pandemic on the steel market has been significant. However, experience tells us that the markets have begun to stabilize, but the trickle-down nature of the stabilization will take a while to reach consumers. In the meantime, MJE Livestock Equipment will do our best to keep customers aware of the changes and prices accordingly.

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