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MJE Livestock Equipment Comprehensive Warranty Program

MJE Livestock Equipment is proud to offer an industry-leading warranty, a testament to the confidence we have in our products. This program is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected by a company that stands behind its craftsmanship.

Warranty Coverage
5-Year Warranty: Applies to all working equipment, panels, gates, and feeders supporting the broad range of your ranching needs.

Warranty Claim Process
If you experience any issues, please contact the retailer of purchase. The authorized retailer will then contact MJE Livestock Equipment for any repairs or replacements.

MJE’s Promise
We pledge to repair or replace any product or part that proves defective due to materials or workmanship, underlining our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

MJE Livestock Equipment commits to repairing or replacing any product or component found to be defective due to manufacturing errors within the Warranty Period at our discretion. This warranty does not extend to issues arising from regular usage, misuse, or accidental damage. Additionally, rust and corrosion damage are not covered.

Modifications of any kind to MJE equipment, or its components, will result in the immediate voiding of this warranty. MJE Livestock Equipment does not warranty tires or any parts manufactured by another retailer including hoses and solar panels.

Product Confidence
This warranty affirms our dedication to durability, functionality, and the long-term success of your ranching operations.

For Cattle Gates and Corral Panels, MJE Livestock Equipment’s warranty covers material and workmanship defects. However, it excludes damage from alterations, cosmetic issues, normal wear, or any damage that doesn’t affect functionality. Damage from non-MJE parts is not covered.

Notice of Publication
Your warranty on all Calf Hutch Latches is supported by our patent, published by the United States Patent Office on December 14, 2023, as Publication No. US-2023-0397567-A1. This underscores our commitment to innovation and quality.