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Exclusive Kerry Kuhn Horsemanship Round Pen Package

Elevate Your Horsemanship:
Unparalleled Training Potential

Experience horsemanship at its finest with the exclusive Kerry Kuhn Horsemanship Round Pen Package from MJE Livestock Equipment.

Crafted to perfection, this package includes a 60 ft. Round Pen formed by (16) 12 ft. Equine Panels and (1) 6 ft. Equine Gate, providing a safe and spacious arena for training. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting your horsemanship journey, this round pen package is an excellent way to practice your horsemanship skills.

Real-life Ranch Benefits

  • Provides a safe, controlled environment for training horses
  • Encourages natural, calming, circular movement
  • Improves command performance by increasing body awareness for the horse and rider


Preferred Panels from Horsemanship
Expert Kerry Kuhn

Explore how Kerry’s superior training methods and the Round Pen Package enhance his teachings.

Learn how to build trust, establish communication and achieve remarkable results with your horse. Witness the magic of Kerry Kuhn’s horsemanship paired with the Rebel Equine Panels Round Pen from MJE Livestock Equipment.

Explore the Details

Ready to explore the technical details of our Round Pen Package? Download the spec sheet to access comprehensive information about the Kerry Kuhn Round Pen Package. Ensure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision and provide your equine partner with the best.


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