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Get a Grip on Efficiency: Squeezing More Value Into Your Ranch with MJE LE and Pearson

MJE Livestock Equipment is excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Pearson Livestock Equipment, uniting two leaders in the livestock handling industry to enhance ranching operations across the nation. This partnership marks a significant milestone, as MJE will now offer Pearson’s top-of-the-line chutes through our extensive dealer network. These chutes, renowned for their durability and efficiency, will now sport MJE’s signature steel blue headgates, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your existing MJE setup.

A Seamless Integration for Complete Cattle Care

MJE LE and Pearson understand the needs of modern ranchers, and this collaboration brings Pearson’s advanced chute technology into MJE’s product line. The partnership introduces several Pearson chute models designed to address specific operational needs, from small family farms to large commercial operations. Integrating Pearson chutes with MJE’s equipment offers a comprehensive solution that supports all aspects of cattle handling, ensuring safety, efficiency, and stress-free operation.

Featured Models: Designed for Excellence

  1. The Prime Chute Series: Known for its robust construction and versatility, the Prime Chute is ideal for ranchers needing a reliable solution for daily operations. It features a parallel squeeze from 9 to 30 inches, accommodating various cattle sizes. The full side exits on both sides allow for emergency or planned releases, enhancing the chute’s functionality.
  2. The Prime Hydraulic Chute: Elevating the Prime Chute’s functionality, this model includes a top-mounted power system compatible with 110V or 220V or an optional remote power setup. It’s designed for ranchers who require the utmost in efficiency and control, featuring a hydraulic headgate, head sweep, and tailgate, all operated with precision control.
  3. Customization and Adaptability: Each chute model can be fitted with any Pearson headgate or tailgate, ensuring that ranchers can customize their setups to their specific needs. Additional options like brisket bars, rump ratchet bars, and adjustable palpation cages are available, making these chutes adaptable to various ranching tasks.

Why Choose MJE and Pearson?

Choosing equipment from MJE and Pearson means investing in quality and durability. Pearson’s chutes and MJE’s expertise in crafting user-friendly, robust livestock equipment create an unmatched synergy. This partnership ensures that ranchers receive equipment that meets and exceeds industry standards.

Join the Revolution in Cattle Care

With the launch of this collaboration, MJE Livestock Equipment reaffirms its commitment to providing the best in livestock care. We invite ranchers to explore how the new range of Pearson chutes can transform their operations, making daily tasks more manageable and productive.

Visit our website or contact your nearest MJE dealer to learn more about the Pearson chute models that are now available and how they can integrate into your current operations. Let MJE and Pearson take your cattle care to the next level with equipment that is as reliable as it is innovative.


The partnership between MJE Livestock Equipment and Pearson Livestock Equipment is more than a collaboration; it’s a new standard for the livestock industry. Together, we are setting the bar higher for cattle care, offering solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible on a ranch. 

Join us in embracing this revolution and equip your operation with the best—the future of ranching is here. Click here to find your nearest dealer online. 

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