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Why Every Rancher Should Attend NCBA Cattle Con 2024

NCBA CattleCon 2024 is on the horizon, and for anyone in the cattle industry, it’s not just an event; it’s an essential experience. Set in the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida, this annual gathering is the place to be for ranchers, feedyard managers, and livestock equipment dealers alike.

Networking: The Heart of CattleCon

At the core of CattleCon is the unparalleled networking opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned rancher or new to the field, the convention connects you with industry leaders, innovative peers, and potential partners. It’s a melting pot of expertise, experiences, and passion for cattle. MJE Livestock Equipment will be at the heart of the action at Booth #1975, eager to meet, learn, and share with fellow cattle enthusiasts.

BIG NEWS: Innovation in Livestock Equipment

CattleCon is also the stage for innovation. As a leader in the industry, MJE Livestock Equipment is thrilled to unveil new additions to our product line. Our booth will showcase the latest in ranching efficiency, including The Conquistador portable wheel corral. This event is the perfect backdrop for product launches, as it allows for immediate feedback from the most influential critics – the ranchers and feedyard managers themselves. 

Psst…There will be new innovations you’ll ONLY find at #CattleCon24 at Booth #1975, so don’t forget to stop by and see our innovative team that includes:

  • Chief Operating Officer and Owner, Heather Jantz, 
  • General Manager Alan Goodnight, 
  • Operations Manager of sister company MJE, LLC,  Justin Hendrickson, 
  • Sales Director Michael Cowley
  • Director of Marketing & Public Relations Megan Elsey, and 
  • Dealer Manager Ethan Cantrell

Quality Time with Dealers: Strengthening Connections

Our dealer network is the backbone of our reach, and CattleCon provides a golden opportunity to strengthen these vital connections. MJE Livestock Equipment values the face-to-face interactions that only a convention can offer. Our dealers are more than suppliers; they’re our partners on the ground, and spending quality time with them is a priority.

Educational Opportunities: Expanding Knowledge

Beyond networking and product showcases, CattleCon offers a wealth of educational opportunities. The convention is an incubator for learning and growth, from seminars and workshops to roundtable discussions. Attendees can dive into market trends, animal health, and sustainability practices. It’s a chance to bring home valuable insights that can transform your operations. 

Fun and Passion: Celebrating the Cattle Industry

Let’s remember, CattleCon is also a lot of fun! It’s a gathering of individuals who share a deep passion for cattle. The convention is peppered with social events, entertainment, and the joy of connecting with like-minded people. It’s this shared enthusiasm that makes CattleCon an event to remember.

Don’t Miss Out on CattleCon 2024

As the NCBA Cattle Convention draws near, remember that this is more than just a business trip; it’s an investment in your professional growth and a celebration of the cattle industry. MJE Livestock Equipment is excited to be part of this grand event and looks forward to welcoming you to our booth. Come for the networking, the learning, and the fun – stay for the passion that drives us all.

Your Invitation to Booth #1975

Before you pack your bags for Orlando, remember to mark Booth #1975 in your planner. MJE Livestock Equipment will be there with open arms, ready to discuss the latest industry trends, showcase our innovative equipment, and share some swag. We’re all part of this incredible cattle community, and CattleCon is where we celebrate it. See you there!


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