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Expanding Excellence: Meet the New Faces of MJE Livestock Equipment’s Sales Team

MJE Livestock Equipment is on a thrilling path of growth, and as part of this journey, we are proud to introduce two exceptional additions to our sales team. With a shared commitment to providing superior efficiency and unmatched customer service, Ethan Cantrell and Jenna Hlavaty are set to elevate the experience of our devoted customers.

Ethan Cantrell: A Texan’s Journey in Agriculture

We’re thrilled to introduce Ethan Cantrell as our new Dealer Relations Manager at MJE Livestock Equipment. Born and raised in the heartland of Texas, Ethan’s roots run deep in farming and cattle ranching. His journey, steeped in the rich traditions of rural life, has shaped him into the passionate professional he is today.

A Passion Born through FFA

Ethan’s love for agriculture was nurtured through his active involvement in Future Farmers of America (FFA) during high school. It was here, amidst the hustle of agri-shows and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts, that he forged many of his lasting industry connections. These experiences solidified his ambition to blend his love for ranching with a career in sales.

Stephenville: More Than a Home

Living in Stephenville, Texas, Ethan finds himself at the heart of what he loves. His college town, frequented during his FFA days, is now his base, where his passion for ranching and sales continues to flourish. He brings this genuine love for his community and industry to MJE Livestock Equipment.

Driving Innovation in Sales

Ethan’s goal is to revolutionize how we approach dealer relationships. His focus? The Conquistador portable wheel corral – a testament to innovation in livestock equipment. Ethan believes in the product’s ability to sell itself once experienced firsthand, and he’s on a mission to ensure it reaches as many ranchers as possible.

Building Relationships, One Dealer at a Time

Ethan’s philosophy is simple: enter as a representative, leave as a friend. His approach to dealer management revolves around creating deep, personal connections. His longstanding relationship with our Sales Director, Michael Cowley, and his extensive network in the ranching industry are testaments to his ability to forge lasting bonds.

A Rancher at Heart

Beyond his professional life, Ethan is an avid outdoorsman. From riding horses to barbecuing with friends and family, his love for the outdoor ranching lifestyle reflects his dedication to the industry.

We at MJE Livestock Equipment are excited to have Ethan on board. His passion, expertise, and commitment to building strong dealer relationships are set to steer our company towards new horizons. 

Jenna Hlavaty: Rooted in Kansas Agriculture

We are delighted to welcome Jenna Hlavaty as our new Inside Sales Representative at MJE Livestock Equipment. Born and raised in Kansas, Jenna’s life has been deeply intertwined with the cattle industry. Her family’s background in cattle backgrounding yards and her extensive experience in feedlots have ingrained in her a profound understanding of the agricultural lifestyle.

A Passion for the Ag Community

Jenna’s decision to join MJE Livestock Equipment stems from her admiration for the company’s familial atmosphere and longstanding support for the local agricultural community. She recognizes the importance of nurturing local ties and aims to strengthen these relationships through her role.

Championing the Needs of Ranchers

With a rich background in cattle and agriculture, Jenna’s primary goal is to assist local ranchers in making informed decisions for their livestock. She believes her hands-on experience and deep industry knowledge position her uniquely to provide tailored solutions for livestock equipment needs.

From Feedlot to Sales Floor

Jenna’s recent work in a feedyard has equipped her with valuable insights that she is eager to bring to the sales team at MJE. Her understanding of the practical challenges ranchers face makes her a vital asset in matching them with the right equipment for their herds.

Industry Expertise Meets Personal Touch

Jenna’s profound industry knowledge and her enthusiasm for customer service make her an excellent fit for facilitating local sales. Her dedication to understanding and meeting the specific needs of ranchers underscores her commitment to the MJE Livestock Equipment family.

Beyond the Office

Outside work, Jenna’s interests include baking and her alma mater, Kansas State University. Her diverse interests reflect her well-rounded personality and ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Her expertise, passion for agriculture, and commitment to local ranchers make her an invaluable team member. We’re excited to see how her unique perspective and dedication will enhance our service to the local ag community.

A Bright Future Ahead

With Ethan and Jenna on board, MJE Livestock Equipment is poised to reach new heights in customer service and industry expertise. Their diverse backgrounds, shared passion for agriculture, and commitment to enhancing our sales capabilities exemplify the core values of MJE. We eagerly look forward to their positive impact on our team and our valued customers.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Ethan and Jenna. Their arrival marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for MJE Livestock Equipment as we continue to serve the agricultural community with dedication and excellence.


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