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Michael Cowley


Profitability Pioneer Michael Cowley Named Director of Sales

Prepare for a seismic shift in the world of livestock equipment and ranching as MJE Livestock Equipment appoints Michael Cowley as its new Director of Sales. Bringing on a transformative era of ROI-driven success for dealers and ranchers, this bold move is set to redefine the livestock equipment industry. Michael has worked in Ag Sales for over ten years and seeks to shake up the industry with perseverance and determination.

A Visionary’s Perspective

Michael’s vision for the future of ag retail includes a focus on a return on investment for dealers and ranchers. MJE Livestock Equipment is designed to increase efficiency and safety for cattle and handlers. He is committed to showing dealers and ranchers how beneficial a strategic investment in top-quality equipment translates to money in your pocket. Michael’s commitment to shifting focus from “doing what’s always been done on the ranch” to implementing strategic changes in how cattle are managed can boost livestock’s physical health and ranchers’ safety while improving the business’s financial health.

Shaking up the Status Quo

Michael Cowley doesn’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done. “There is financial opportunity out there for ranchers and dealers who aren’t afraid to invest in equipment that makes them money at the end of the day,” says Michael. 

MJE Livestock Equipment addresses common issues with livestock handling and provides a safer, more efficient approach to ranching. The entire product range is modular and customizable, providing solutions to various ranching scenarios. Small details that make a significant impact are a hallmark of American-made MJE Livestock Equipment.

Building Stronger Bonds

“Prioritizing relationships will move equipment. I aim to provide the right product to the right person at the right time. Building solid relationships and understanding their needs will help us do that.” says Michael Cowley.

His goals for the future of dealer network expansion include identifying high-need regions nationwide and ensuring those ranchers have dealers in place who can provide expert advice and long-lasting solutions. 

Close cooperation with dealers means educating everyone on the MJE LE product lineup and understanding each product’s benefits to ranchers. Dealers build solid relationships with their customers by listening to the rancher’s needs and providing solutions that help them grow their herds. “When you make time to just check in with people and see how they are doing, you can learn how to identify their needs and offer solutions to their issues,” states Michael.

Confidence in Cowley’s Leadership

A native Texan, Michael Cowley came to MJE Livestock Equipment with the drive and determination to get MJE Livestock Equipment into the hands of dealers and ranchers across America. “There is always a return on your investment with MJE Livestock Equipment,” says Michael, “You get what you pay for – this equipment is extremely high quality, and it’s designed to bring efficiency & safety to every ranch.” 

“Michael is a go-getter – I could tell that the first time we met. He’s ready to take this position by the reins and guide MJE Livestock Equipment into the future.” says owner and Chief Operating Officer Heather Jantz. “His understanding of building a dealer network is matched only by his extensive knowledge of cattle and the ag industry as a whole. I can’t wait to see what he can do with this position.” 

If you’re ready to connect directly with Michael to learn more about how MJE Livestock Equipment can put more money in your pocket, email ContactUs@mjellc.net. 

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