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MJE Livestock Equipment Ups Efficiency with New Plasma Cutting Table

MJE Livestock Equipment constantly strives to improve our products and processes. We’re excited to announce a recent addition to our manufacturing arsenal: a brand-new, state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting table!

This innovative machine, the PlatinumCut from Machitech, will significantly boost our shop’s efficiency and allow us to take greater control over the production of our top-tier livestock equipment.

In-House Fabrication, Reduced Lead Times

Previously, MJE LE relied on outsourcing the cutting of specific parts for our tubs, alleys, and latches. This meant carrying larger volumes of pre-cut inventory to ensure we had the materials needed when orders came in. The new plasma cutting table changes everything. Now, we can manufacture these parts ourselves, eliminating the need for external suppliers and reducing unused inventory taking up valuable space. This translates to faster lead times and a more streamlined production process.

Prototyping Powerhouse: Unleashing Innovation

The PlatinumCut’s speed and precision are truly game-changers. Steve Deges, our Lead Product Designer, puts it perfectly: “This machine is all about efficiency with cutting-edge technology. The speed allows me to experiment with new design ideas without worrying about wasted time. Prototyping is now a much smoother process, which means we can bring innovative solutions to market even faster!”

Streamlined Operation, Skilled Technicians

The plasma cutting table is designed for single-operator functionality. Three of our talented MJE LE fabricator technicians recently received on-site training at our shop to ensure its smooth integration into our workflow. This investment in our team guarantees this powerful machine’s safe and efficient operation.

The Future of MJE Livestock Equipment

The addition of the PlatinumCut plasma cutting table is a testament to MJE Livestock Equipment’s commitment to continuous improvement. By investing in cutting-edge technology and training our team, we’re ensuring we can continue delivering the highest quality livestock equipment with the best possible lead times. 

Stay tuned for exciting new product developments as we leverage the power of this innovative machine. You can read more about the COBOT robotic welder here.

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