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Size Does Matter: The Key to a Profitable Herd

Proper corral sizing is more than a convenience; it’s a cornerstone of effective herd management. The right-sized Conquistador Wheel Corral for your herd and pasture size ensures stress-free handling is vital for cattle health. Stress impacts weight gain, reproductive efficiency, and immunity, so a calm environment created by a well-sized corral can lead to healthier, heavier cattle.

Innovating Ranch Management

Embracing the future of ranch management, MJE Livestock Equipment proudly expands its Conquistador Wheel Corral lineup. Engineered to provide ranchers with versatile, strong, and perfectly sized corrals, Conquistador corrals propel ranch operations to new heights of productivity.

The Conquistador Range: Select, Choice, and Prime

Our corral models are tailored to fit ranches of all sizes. The Select is your gateway model, offering a balance of compactness and capability, perfect for smaller operations seeking quality and efficiency. The Choice and Prime models cater to larger herds, delivering expanded space and the flexibility to easily manage your livestock, reflecting MJE’s commitment to serving every rancher’s unique needs.

Introducing the Select Model: Compact Versatility

The Select Model, a nimble powerhouse, allows ranchers with smaller herds to enjoy the same quality and innovation as more extensive operations. Its design enables quick maneuvering and ease of use, ensuring that even limited-space ranches can operate efficiently.

SELECT Conquistador Wheel Corral

Select Plus and HD Options: Expanding Capacity and Durability

Upgrading to the Select Plus model means more room for your growing herd without sacrificing portability. The HD option’s thicker steel stands up to the challenge, offering long-term resilience and safety for those in harsher environments or with more robust livestock.

Safety and Portability: Non-Negotiables for Modern Ranching

All Conquistador models feature safety and portability at their core. Quick setup times and solar-powered hydraulics mean less time working on infrastructure and more time focusing on herd health and productivity.

Expanding Your Options: Plus and Beyond Plus

Adaptability is key with our Plus and Beyond Plus expansions, ensuring that as your herd grows, your Conquistador corral can grow with it, enhancing its capacity and utility with easy additions.

A Closer Look at Choice and Prime Models

The Choice and Prime models offer spacious, secure environments for larger herds that encourage natural cattle behavior, reducing stress for animals and ranchers while optimizing the workflow during round-ups and health checks.

Why MJE Stands Out: Progressive, Durable Solutions

At MJE, we’re not just building corrals but crafting a future where ranching is synonymous with innovation. Our corrals are designed to be a rancher’s steadfast partner in the field, bolstering the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

The Key to Profitable Ranching

Heavier cattle mean a more lucrative return when it’s time to sell. Every pound counts in the cattle business, and by using a Conquistador corral suited to your operation’s size, you’re promoting your livestock’s well-being and enhancing your profit margins. This strategic investment in the right corral size directly contributes to your ranch’s overall success and profitability.

Partner with Your Local Dealer

Step into the future of ranching with a Conquistador Wheel Corral. Contact your local MJE dealer to find the model that elevates your ranching operations, and join the many ranchers who have transformed their approach to livestock management and cattle health. 

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