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Transforming Small Herds: Discover the Conquistador Select Model

In the heart of ranching innovation lies the Conquistador Select Model, a compact powerhouse redefining efficiency for smaller operations. Dubbed the “Cadillac of corrals,” this model ensures that even the most modestly sized herds can enjoy the pinnacle of quality and design that Conquistador is celebrated for. 

Let’s explore why the Select Model is the smart choice for ranchers looking to make a big impact with a smaller footprint.

Unmatched Quality in a Compact Package

The Conquistador Select Model, priced at $38,540*, is built with the meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials synonymous with the Conquistador name. Despite its more compact stature, designed to gather and work up to 60 cow/calf pairs or 100 800-lb calves, it does not skimp on the features ranchers love. From the durable construction to the innovative design, including essential holding and sort pens, the Select Model is a testament to uncompromised quality.

Innovative Design Meets Operational Efficiency

Designed with the unique challenges of smaller operations, the Select Model marries simplicity with innovation. Its thoughtful design enhances ease of use and efficiency, allowing ranchers to conduct essential operations smoothly. Including features that cater directly to the realities of ranch work ensures that even small herd owners can enjoy the premium experience of a Conquistador corral.

SELECT Conquistador Wheel Corral

A Smart Investment for Growth-Oriented Ranchers

Investing in the Select Model isn’t just about acquiring equipment but embracing a tool that grows with your operation. Its robust design and quality materials ensure durability, while its adaptability supports your ranch’s expansion. For ranchers with an eye on the future, the Select Model proves its value time and again, offering a quick return on investment through enhanced herd health and operational efficiency.

If you are ready to see how quickly Conquistador Corrals provide a return on investment to ranchers, you can visit The Conquistador page and click ‘ACCESS ROI CALCULATOR’ to find out how quickly you can see profitability from your purchase.  

The Future of Ranching Is Here

Choosing the Conquistador Select Model means opting for a partner in your ranch’s success. It’s designed to make the right corral system a critical yet uncomplicated decision for any rancher, particularly those managing smaller herds or just beginning to explore the benefits of portable corrals. It’s a blend of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and thoughtful design tailored to enhance ranch operations without overwhelming them.

The Select Model isn’t merely a piece of equipment; it’s a cornerstone of efficient, modern ranching. Its compact efficiency and design tailored to operational needs make it the ideal choice for ranchers who prioritize ease of use, quick setup, and maneuverability without sacrificing the quality of livestock care.


With the Conquistador Select Model, welcome to the future of ranching, where efficiency, care, and quality go hand in hand. This model ensures that even smaller operations can benefit from the highest quality corral on the market, making no compromises on the features that matter most. 

Visit your local dealership to discover how the Conquistador Select Wheel Corral can transform your operations, allowing you to manage your herds more efficiently and effectively.


*Price effective as of 4.10.2024 and subject to change.

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