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Tips For Getting Winter Ready on the Ranch

WITH DR. TERA BARNHARDT, DVM, MS As the wind whips through the air and hits my neck, it always sends a chill down my back that I can feel in my toes. I often think about how lucky we are to be involved in production agriculture. Some days, especially in the winter, an office gig […]


THE CONQUISTADOR WHEEL CORRAL GEARS UP FOR MAJOR ADVANCEMENTS NEW ORLEANS, LA: MJE Livestock Equipment, the industry leader in livestock equipment, announced plans to partner with ranchers to add innovative technology enhancements to its Conquistador wheel corral. “We plan to partner with 5-10 ranchers at NCBA to help us finalize our selection and commercialization of these […]

Tips for Managing Your Herd During a Drought

with Dr. Tera Barnhardt, DVM, MS When we’re staring down the barrel of another drought year, there will be difficult decisions on the ranch. When feed is expensive and scarce, we must work smarter with our resources. Being aggressive and progressive with a few management decisions might make you look at your ROI with different […]

The Calf Hutch Latch Awarded United States Patent

Montezuma, Kansas: On September 13, 2022, MJE, LLC was awarded a patent for the Calf Hutch Latch & Tethering System invented by MJE Livestock Equipment lead product designer Steve Deges.    The process for obtaining the patent began in April 2019 and has taken several years to complete. A first for MJE Livestock Equipment and Steve […]

MJE Livestock Equipment Announces Major Dealer Network Expansion

MONTEZUMA, KANSAS: MJE Livestock Equipment announced a major expansion in their newly restructured Dealer Network. These partnerships will bring MJE Livestock Equipment to farms and ranches across the continental United States. The MJE Livestock Equipment network has appointed dealers with the knowledge and skills to help ranchers take their businesses to the next level. MJE […]

Bringing The Heat: Livestock Handling in Heat and Drought

Rising temperatures challenge beef producers across the globe. Livestock Handling during extreme heat is tricky. Veterinarian and livestock specialist, Dr. Tera Barnhardt offers strategies and techniques to help to combat the heat and drought.

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