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The Ultimate Guide to Reliable Manufacturing

No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on livestock equipment that isn’t built to last. MJE Livestock Equipment is strong and intuitively designed with the person handling the cattle in mind. In addition, LE products are easily interchangeable for a variety of configurations. High-Quality Materials Our lead equipment designer, Steve Deges, is a stickler […]

NEW! Livestock Equipment Dealers and Distributors Program

As we gear up for 2022, MJE Livestock Equipment is excited to expand our heavy-duty, American-made livestock equipment nationwide. In case you haven’t heard, MJE Livestock Equipment is looking for industry partners to join us in our mission to bring high-quality, dependable livestock equipment to ranchers, farmers, feedyards, and dairies across the United States. Partners […]


To demystify the process and pricing of livestock equipment, we’ve put together the Top 5 things you need to know about how the Steel Industry market fluctuations affect farmers and ranchers.

The effect of the pandemic on the steel market has been significant. However, experience tells us that the markets have begun to stabilize, but the trickle-down nature of the stabilization will take a while to reach consumers. In the meantime, MJE Livestock Equipment will do our best to keep customers aware of the changes and prices accordingly.


CIMARRON, MONTEZUMA, & SUBLETTE CHAMBER COLLABORATION MONTEZUMA, KS, OCTOBER 18 – On Monday, October 18, the Cimarron, Montezuma, and Sublette Chambers of Commerce met at Hy-Plains Feedyard Research & Education Center in Montezuma for an evening of professional learning and networking. Jordan Walker, founder of Bondfire Strategy (www.bondfirestrategy.com) from Wichita, KS, presented Small Business Marketing Strategies. […]

Montezuma Chamber of Commerce – Creating a robust business network within a strong community

The Montezuma motto is Rich Heritage; Progressive Future, and evidence of this can be found in the hearts and minds of local business owners. Just a little over one year ago, several local business owners came together to begin the process of creating a network of professionals who strive to share ideas, knowledge, and resources. […]

MJE Livestock Equipment Looks to the Future

Since our inception in 2017, MJE Livestock Equipment has continued to evolve our product lines and business model. We added a new welding bay late last year, and the new production capabilities have allowed for unprecedented growth. In six months, our unique product line has doubled. With 95 years of combined experience in the livestock […]

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