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Top 5 Reasons You NEED The Conquistador Wheel Corral

Ranchers and cattlemen and women are busy people. A lifelong cattleman designed the Conquistador Wheel Corral to make the lives of ranchers easier while prioritizing cattle comfort. These are the Top 5 Reasons you need The Conquistador Wheel Corral.

Top 5 Reasons You Need The Conquistador – 

  1. You have cattle spread out over a few pastures.
    1. The Conquistador Wheel Corral is road-ready. It can be folded and hooked up to your truck in less than 20 minutes in the field…maybe even faster with two people. It’s safe to drive at highway speeds, and this baby pulls like a dream.
  1. You’re looking for a way to process cattle safely and more efficiently.
    1. Configuring The Conquistador in several different ways is easy. If you’re ready to process cattle quickly AND safely, the MJE LE staff shows you the best way to set it up to maximize efficiency in the field. Less stress on your herd and time in the field means more money in your pocket.
  2. Your herd is growing.
    1. Most MJE Livestock Equipment is modular, meaning that you can always add or reconfigure our products to suit your ever-growing herd. The Conquistador Standard model comes with 17 panels to build 3 pens. The Conquistador Wheel Corral comes standard with a max gathering capacity of 130-160 pairs of cows/calves.
    2. The Conquistador trailer holds 21 panels to build 4 pens at maximum capacity. By swapping out two panels and adding four more, you can move from a standard to a deluxe model, which means four total pens. This increases the maximum gathering capacity to 160-190 cow/calf pairs.
  3. Regular equipment maintenance is low on your list of favorite things to do.
    1. Finding and replacing rubber tires is a hassle you don’t need. The Conquistador wheel corral has steel wheels with easy-grease bushings to keep them rolling smoothly for years to come. Tires that never go flat save ranchers time and money on repairs.
  4. You value your cattle-workin’ buddies’ time.
    1. Many ranchers call on friends and neighbors to process cattle. Built with an intuitive design, one person can set up the Conquistador in about 20 minutes. Set up or tear down with two people means it can fold/unfold and be ready to use even faster. With a layout that maximizes efficiency, you can get to the business of working cattle quickly.
  5. In a recent test, MJE Livestock Equipment staff was able to sort, gather, & work 219 cow/calf pairs in under 6 hours across two different pastures from start to finish.

Purchasing The Conquistador Wheel Corral for your cattle operation is a no-brainer. It’s built with heavy-duty materials to withstand years of use but is designed to be easy to use and move in the field. How could The Conquistador help you save time & money when gathering, sorting, processing, or working cattle?

Order your Conquistador Wheel Corral today if you’re ready to optimize your cattle operation!

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