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Top 5 Reasons a Modular Corral Boosts Profitability on Your Ranch

Modular Corral Systems are an investment in your ranch designed with customization in mind to fit every rancher’s needs and boost the overall profitability of your herd. A great working facility offers real-life ranch benefits that impact your bottom dollar. MJE Livestock Equipment offers two starter sets that provide everything a Rancher needs to work cattle effectively – the Choice Working Facility and the Prime Working Facility.

We’ll dive into the Top Five Reasons our modular corrals can boost profitability on your ranch.

Reason #1 – Increase Efficiency & Productivity

A well-designed working facility allows ranchers to gather, process, move, and work cattle more quickly and easily. This reduces the time needed to process cattle. The MJE LE working facilities all feature dual-adjust alleys, which allow handlers to keep cattle centered. Saving time lowers labor costs and makes work easier for handlers.

“Putting in our MJE LE tub and alley has made our process a whole lot easier and quicker for our cow/calf operation, and it’s really well made. A nice piece of equipment!” – Clint Raulerson, NextGen Cattle Company

Reason #2 – Enhance Safety for Livestock & Handlers

Facilities like the Choice & Prime Working Facilities that prioritize comfortable, safe cattle flow are designed to reduce risks associated with working livestock. An eliminator gate included in the working tub gets rid of dead space where cattle could get turned around – moving the herd forward safely & efficiently. A sheeted alley that adjusts easily for calves and larger cows ensures that animals follow natural movement forward, too. 

Good cattle flow with efficient corral systems can minimize the risk of sudden movements or aggressive behavior that can endanger cattle and handlers. Reducing the amount of time cattle spend in a corral system also minimizes risks that can accompany prolonged exposure to the animals. Healthy cattle & safe cattle handlers boost productivity and reduce costly healthcare bills due to injuries. 

Reason #3 – Improve Overall Herd Health

Processing cattle means something a little different to each rancher, and effective herd management can improve the overall health of every cow and calf. Modular corrals provide a simple, effective way to preg check, vaccinate, deworm, add fly-control, or provide care and health-boosting processes to your herd. 

MJE LE working facilities include a block door, giving handlers the space to assess cattle individually. Reduced physical demands on the cattle and handlers is a win-win situation. In addition, improved weight gains from producing healthy, happy animals mean more money in the rancher’s pocket.

“The tub works so well – I like how it cuts out the dead corners when pushing cattle The adjustable alley is great for calves and cows, too, since you can just adjust it from either side for the size of cattle you’re working with. Installing the system was easy since it already had holes in it. All we had to do was put it on our cement pad with lag bolts. It works really good – haven’t found a flaw yet!” – Bryce Cohen, Abbeville, Georgia Rancher

Reason #4 – Minimize Losses

Protecting your investment is vital to your bottom line. Modular corral systems give ranchers a safe place to work cattle, reducing the risk of injuries due to transport and the chance of escape. Investing in high-quality livestock equipment reduces maintenance costs associated with constant repairs to lesser-quality equipment. Reducing risks to livestock and handlers minimizes losses and protects ranch investments, leading to higher profits for the rancher.

Reason #5 – Reduce Stress

Stress is a known trigger for a reduction in weight gain. By minimizing stress in a custom, modular facility made for low-stress cattle handling, livestock are more comfortable. Comfortable, healthy cattle ultimately lead to increased weight gain. A well-designed system like the Choice & Prime Working facilities can reduce physical demands on the livestock in high-stress situations. Minimizing rough handling produces a healthier, more profitable herd.


Investing in high-quality equipment can drastically change the overall stress on the livestock and the rancher. The Choice & Prime Working Facilities provide a safe, durable, and efficient corral system to care for your herd. Cattle that are provided regular, high-quality care gain more weight, leading to higher profits come sale time.

If you’re ready to boost your ranch’s profitability, contact your local MJE Livestock Equipment Dealer today & start designing your custom facility today. Don’t wait to invest in your herd’s future – contact us today! 

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