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The Ultimate Guide to Reliable Manufacturing

No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on livestock equipment that isn’t built to last. MJE Livestock Equipment is strong and intuitively designed with the person handling the cattle in mind. In addition, LE products are easily interchangeable for a variety of configurations.

High-Quality Materials

Our lead equipment designer, Steve Deges, is a stickler when it comes to steel. Over the last 30 years, he’s been building relationships with vendors who value quality at fair prices (even in the midst of a national steel crisis).

While other manufacturers often turn to lesser quality materials at a reduced rate, we hang our hat on the fact that we source materials domestically and prioritize wall thickness in our steel tubing. As a result, livestock equipment built with superior materials becomes a superior product for the consumer.

Exceptional Designs

Each product manufactured in our facility results from countless hours spent in the research & development phase. Every product idea comes from a cattleman-turned-welder with over 30 years of welding and working cattle.

Our secret weapon when it comes to reliable equipment is that our designs begin with the end-user in mind.

Versatility, strength, and ease of use are top priorities for every cattleman or cattlewoman. Considerations include the availability of material, price, looks, weight, etc., but ideas are prioritized using this simple question – how will this work in the field?

What sets MJE Livestock Equipment apart is the versatility of how each product works with other products in our line-up. As a result, ranchers with diverse needs can use components in various configurations for a custom set-up every time.

Skilled Craftsman + State-of-the-Art Equipment

LE customers don’t skimp on quality, and neither does our manufacturing shop. Skilled fabricators and welders bring ideas and plans to life. Fabricators and welders work hand-in-hand to transform raw materials into livestock equipment built to last for years. High-quality fabrication equipment and welding bays are stationed for efficiency and versatility.

On the floor, experienced machinists and welders share techniques and ideas with employees newer to the trade, and managers ensure precision and excellence on every build.

Finishing Touches & Quality Control

Reliable manufacturing also means attention to detail from start to finish. Products move from the manufacturing shop to our paint facility, where each product is cleaned, dipped, or sprayed with our signature LE blue and given time to dry for a lasting finish. Finally, a thorough check is done before shipping or displaying the equipment.


Ultimately, reliable manufacturing means integrity in every phase of the process. MJE Livestock equipment employees take pride in their work building equipment that ranchers will use for years. We stand behind our work and constantly look for ways to improve our ideas, processes, and products.

We put ranchers first and manufacture high-quality livestock equipment that will work as hard as the stockmen and women using it. 

Are you interested in touring our facility to see how it’s done? Contact us to learn more.

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