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Steve Deges holds U.S. Patent for The Calf Hutch Latch and Tethering System by MJE Livestock Equipment.


The Calf Hutch Latch Awarded United States Patent

Montezuma, Kansas: On September 13, 2022, MJE, LLC was awarded a patent for the Calf Hutch Latch & Tethering System invented by MJE Livestock Equipment lead product designer Steve Deges. 


The process for obtaining the patent began in April 2019 and has taken several years to complete. A first for MJE Livestock Equipment and Steve Deges, getting a patent was a labor of love. MJE Livestock Equipment is dedicated to the health and well-being of the animals and ranchers who use their high-quality equipment. 

“This has been a long process but an exciting one. When Aaron (Jantz) and I applied for the patent, we had no idea it would be so intense, but this idea is unique enough to put in the work to get the patent.”  Inventor Steve Deges

The Calf Hutch Latch & Tethering System was named a Top-10 Product of the Year in the 2020 World Ag Expo, propelling sales to dairy and calf ranchers from coast-to-coast. With over 100,000 Calf Hutch Latches sold, MJE Livestock Equipment continues to offer dairy and calf ranchers a safe, easy, and reliable system for protecting calf hutches from wind and storm events that can wreak havoc on a calf operation. 

Calf hutches are small structures meant to house and protect newly-birthed calves from disease and inclement weather in large open animal containment facilities. Before the invention of the Calf Hutch Latch system, hutches were difficult and tedious to secure safely or effectively. With the patented system from MJE Livestock Equipment, hutches can be tied down quickly and secured with minimal effort from ranch staff. As a result, calves are exponentially safer during storms or straight-line winds, and ranchers rest easy knowing their investments are protected.


Learn more about how The Calf Hutch Latch and Tethering System protects livestock on our blog or on YouTube.



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