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Premium Products – Top Reasons Ranchers Choose MJE Livestock Equipment

Five Unmistakable Signs of Premium Products

Livestock Equipment is readily available in most agricultural communities from various vendors. However, MJE Livestock Equipment offers Premium Products made for ranchers who care about quality and durability. Check out these five unmistakable signs of premium products in the livestock equipment market.

1) Superior Raw Goods

How can you tell if the equipment you’re buying is high-quality? First, look at the materials used to build it. MJE Livestock Equipment produces premium products and measures the wall-thickness of purchased steel. We don’t cut corners on the tubing. We buy goods domestically whenever possible and mic-check products regularly. Premium products are built with quality materials – it’s as simple as that.

2) Professional Manufacturing

An easy way to see if something is well-made is to look at the details. For instance, Elite panels have saddled verticals and horizontals. Essentially, the same size tubing is used for horizontal rails and vertical supports. The material is coped on both sides to maximize strength and fit securely. Substantial material and quality welds equal products made to last. Welders and fabricators work hand-in-hand with our designers and quality control specialists to ensure each piece of equipment is solidly built.

MJE Livestock Equipment lasts for years, not seasons. 

3) Intuitive Design

Premium product design prioritizes animal comfort and ease of use for the rancher. MJE Livestock Equipment works as a system, and individual pieces come together quickly and easily. Low-stress cattle handling makes for happier cows AND handlers. Many of our products are made to be portable or easily modified for a more permanent setup.

4) Extraordinary Customization Capabilities

Premium products grow with your herd. Every stockman or woman has different needs, and Elite Cattle Handling Systems cohesively connect to expand effortlessly. As your herd grows, panels, gates, chutes, and more can be added anytime.

Rancher preferences are conveniently met with an assortment of gate latches, panel lengths, and hinge options. So if you can dream it, MJE LE can create it.

“You can run thousands and thousands of head of livestock through our tubs before you’ll ever need to think about replacing them.”

– Steve Deges, Lead Product Designer

5) Sales with Service

If you need help designing your dream facility, coordinating with existing equipment, or expanding your setup, MJE LE can help. An investment in Premium Products means an investment in the staff who sells you the product. Our qualified team is with you every step of the way. You’ll never be alone in the livestock business with MJE Livestock Equipment.


Whether you’re new to raising livestock or have been at it all your life, MJE Livestock Equipment has what you need to raise livestock efficiently. LE offers state-of-the-art equipment manufactured in America with quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

Stand out from the rest of the herd by purchasing American-made livestock equipment. Reach out if you’re interested in growing your herd and customizing a premium system built for your specific needs.

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