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Powering Progress In Rural Manufacturing & Construction

In the heart of Southwest Kansas, MJE Livestock Equipment and MJE, LLC are making significant strides to empower their company, nurture their community, and shine a spotlight on the remarkable talent within the region. These initiatives represent their steadfast commitment to cultivating local potential, fortifying local economies, and highlighting the immense promise of Southwest Kansas.

Making Kansas Bus Tour: The Significance of the Manufacturing Industry

*In Partnership with Kansas Manufacturing Council, Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, and Kansas Chamber*

Collaborating with key industry players, MJE Livestock Equipment and MJE, LLC are proud participants in the 2023 Making Kansas Bus Tour. This tour is a dynamic effort aimed at shedding light on the state’s manufacturing industry and the incredible career opportunities it offers.

The tour will traverse the state, visiting over 25 Kansas manufacturers in 12 cities. It commences on October 6th, aligning with the celebration of 2023 Mfg Day. Notably, Montezuma, Kansas, and MJE Livestock Equipment will be a highlighted stop on this significant journey, providing a unique opportunity to introduce our company and engage in meaningful discussions with students, parents, educators, and community leaders. 

The bus will be in Montezuma at MJE Livestock Equipment on Tuesday, October 10th at 12:15 p.m. 

2023 Kansas Manufacturing Summit: Innovate. Calibrate. Accelerate.

Hosted by Kansas Manufacturing Council, Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, and Kansas Chamber

The Summit’s Focus

Under the theme “Innovate. Calibrate. Accelerate.,” the 2023 Kansas Manufacturing Summit represents MJE Livestock Equipment and MJE, LLC’s unwavering commitment to nurturing growth and showcasing local talent. For the second year in a row, The Conquistador Wheel Corral has been nominated as one of the Coolest Things Made in Kansas. All nominees are invited to attend and showcase the incredible things being made and manufactured in Kansas.

The summit will feature keynote speakers Gaurav Batra and Nick Santhanam, co-authors of the best-selling book, “The Titanium Economy: How Industrial Technology Can Create a Better, Faster, Stronger America.” Summit sessions will delve into topics like Modern Facilities, Talent and Capability, Advanced Manufacturing & Emerging Technology, and Innovation.

Spotlight on Workforce Development

New to the 2023 summit is Manufacturing Career Day, aimed at connecting students and educators with manufacturers and schools, offering invaluable insights into the industry’s expansive career opportunities. 

Heather Jantz, Chief Operating Officer and Owner of MJE Livestock Equipment, will serve as a panelist at the Women In Manufacturing Session & Networking, emphasizing the importance of diversity and opportunity within the industry. As co-owner of MJE and MJE Livestock Equipment, Heather has seen tremendous growth in the company workforce, now made up of over 200 employees. 

Shaping the Future: Western Kansas Careers Showcases

Montezuma’s Moment

MJE Livestock Equipment and MJE, LLC collaborated with other local businesse in a workforce development initiative held on October 4th in Montezuma. Over 200 students from the surrounding communities gathered to explore the world of agricultural careers, marking a significant milestone in a five-year-long effort to develop a workforce recruitment program.

This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between local schools, students, parents, and community businesses. By showcasing the myriad opportunities available in Southwest Kansas upon high school graduation, MJE Livestock Equipment and MJE, LLC are actively contributing to retaining local talent and transforming the region into a thriving hub for a variety of careers. 

There are career showcases held throughout the school year, with a different career emphasis at each showcase, including Healthcare, Education, and Technical Careers. If your business is interested in becoming part of the Western Kansas Careers Showcases, please contact Joe Coles, jcoles3311@gmail.com to learn more. 


Through these multifaceted initiatives, MJE Livestock Equipment and MJE, LLC are not merely highlighting the incredible potential of Southwest Kansas; they are actively shaping its future, nurturing its talent, and fortifying its economy. With a deep commitment to their company, their community, and the region’s talent, they are driving progress and fostering a vibrant future for Southwest Kansas.

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