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Montezuma Chamber of Commerce – Creating a robust business network within a strong community

The Montezuma motto is Rich Heritage; Progressive Future, and evidence of this can be found in the hearts and minds of local business owners. Just a little over one year ago, several local business owners came together to begin the process of creating a network of professionals who strive to share ideas, knowledge, and resources. On the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 10:00 a.m., meetings are held at various member businesses and via Zoom. 

In the initial stages of development, interested members created and took surveys to narrow our ideas and priorities to focus on what matters to members most. As a result, three objectives emerged: (1) Job Opportunities, (2) Sharing Resources, and (3) Collaborative Facebook Page. MCC has also hosted several special guest speakers to provide shared learning opportunities. Another aspect of business support is Ribbon Cuttings for new businesses. 

 MISSION STATEMENT: Montezuma Chamber of Commerce is a collaboration of businesses to grow and promote our community by serving new and existing residents through online and tangible resources.

Job Opportunities – Nearly every business in town is hiring or has needed to hire in the last year or so. Working together, we often share updates about what positions still need to be filled. These conversations have proved valuable many times. Employee applicants with one business may have a spouse or friend also looking for work. By keeping each other notified of what’s available, we can readily share that information with others.

Sharing Resources – Montezuma Chamber of Commerce has several communication methods in place. We host monthly in-person/virtual meetings, and have a private Facebook group where we share information, ask questions, and post reminders of important local events. We also have an online database of shared files that includes a member directory, copies of all files & meeting minutes, and any handouts from meetings. At monthly meetings, we share skills that might apply to many different types of business, update one another on outside vendors/service providers, or even share marketing strategies. 

Facebook – Our collaborative Facebook page allows members to share important information with the community at large. If a business is having a sale, hiring for a job, or hosting an event, anyone who follows/likes our page can see or share these posts. The page has been live for just a few short months and already has 216 followers, and continues to grow. New residents or visitors to our area can easily search to see happenings around town. 

Guest Speakers – A new and exciting part of monthly Chamber meetings has been our special guest speakers. In June, NexTech Communications sent two of their representatives to discuss Cyber Security and how to keep your digital information safe. 

For the July meeting, special guests Clare Gustin and Nikki Pfannenstiel shared the Sunflower Electric Economic Development program, which focuses on financial and educational programs available to rural communities for help with Housing needs, etc. The discussion surrounding this meeting was specifically on preparing Montezuma for growth. Questions about our readiness to grow emerged from the conversation and will likely lead to collaborative efforts to guide the community to the future.  

Ribbon Cuttings – All new member businesses are encouraged to host ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Typically lasting between 15 and 30 minutes, a company can welcome the community to visit during the ceremony for a tour, meet business owners and employees, and have a photo taken for the newspaper & social media. Our first ribbon cutting was held on August 2nd with Phillips Chiropractic which opened its doors in the Montezuma Clinic. 

How to Join – All businesses in the area are encouraged to fill out an application at City Hall or online and pay the annual dues of $100 at City Hall, which will go toward joint promotional ventures appointed by the group. All members receive access to the member database, public promotional Facebook Page, members-only Facebook group, one vote on all Chamber business, and may link their business on the City of Montezuma’s website page in the coming months.  

For more information, contact President Megan Elsey (MJE), Vice-President Jami Helm (Montezuma Drug), Treasurer Kara Smith (City of Montezuma), or Secretary Cheri Martin (Cherry Insurance). 

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