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MJE Livestock Equipment Dealer Network Experiences Rapid Growth

Montezuma, KSMJE Livestock Equipment is proud to announce the appointment of 10 new dealers to its rapidly growing distribution network. COO Heather Jantz said, “the market continues to validate our strong value proposition across all product lines, and in less than six months, we have more than doubled our network of dealers.”  She went on to say, “we are focused on making it easier for the cattle-producing industry to access our products, and these new dealers will do just that.”

Ranchers can connect with newly appointed dealers with the knowledge and skills ready to take their operations to the next level with the highest quality livestock equipment available on the market today. Centrally manufactured in the beef belt, MJE Livestock Equipment is expanding to provide American-made livestock equipment to ranchers in every state. 

MJE Livestock Equipment is dedicated to ensuring its dealers not only have best-in-class products, such as the revolutionary Conquistador Wheel Corral but also access to the latest in marketing tools.  Heather added, “we feel no other manufacturer is making this level of investment in products, services, and support, enabling the highest level of success for our dealers.” 

Dealers are never alone in promoting and marketing MJE LE products and services. Key selling points are directly linked to a return on investment for dealers and ranchers using MJE Livestock Equipment. 

New Dealerships include (in alphabetical order):

  • AHI – Animal Health International, Nationwide
  • Ag Central Coop – Tennessee
  • Animal Health Express, Tucson, Arizona
  • Better Built Trailers, Grainfield, Kansas
  • Frost Equipment, Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • Green Ranch, Inc., Othello, Washington
  • JT Livestock Equipment, Yuma, Colorado
  • Midwest Trailers & Service, Guymon, Oklahoma
  • MixerCenter, Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas Locations
  • Prairie Phoenix Cattle Systems, Whitehorse, South Dakota
  • S & S Land and Cattle Inc., Lamar, Colorado

“MJE Livestock Equipment provides unmatched expertise when it comes to helping ranchers raise livestock that gets them more bang for their buck. Our partners will be a huge asset to cattlemen and women across the United States, and we’ll be working together to design exceptional facilities and offer strategic herd management for our customers.” 

– Heather Jantz, Chief Operating Officer 

Anyone interested in becoming an appointed dealer should contact MJE Livestock Equipment by calling (620) 846-6767 or by visiting the Dealer section on our website.

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