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Growing National Presence: Dealer Network Expansion Reflects Increased Demand

MJE Livestock Equipment, a pioneering force in the livestock industry, is excited to announce the addition of new dealers and a distributor to its ever-expanding network. This growth underscores the company’s commitment to meet the rising demand for innovative livestock solutions. Introducing these new partnerships is crucial in MJE Livestock Equipment’s journey to redefine livestock management nationwide.

Chief Operations Officer Heather Jantz reflects on this development: “The expansion of our dealer network is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the livestock industry. Our dealers are crucial in bringing The Conquistador Wheel Corral, our premier product, to more ranchers, enhancing cattle care practices across the United States.”

Ranchers looking to experience The Conquistador can visit these new dealerships and participate in agricultural expos nationwide. MJE Livestock Equipment now boasts a robust presence in seventeen states, solidifying its mission to supply American ranchers with easy access to state-of-the-art livestock equipment.


Michael Cowley, Sales Director at MJE Livestock Equipment, shares, “Interest in The Conquistador Wheel Corral just keeps growing. Everyone in my industry is eager to learn more about the Conquistador and expanding dealer network. This surge in interest is setting us on a path for unprecedented sales nationwide.”

Our core aim remains to improve cattle care and offer ranchers efficient, profitable solutions through our dealer network,” says Cowley. “We distinguish ourselves in the market with our commitment to providing ranchers and dealers with portable equipment and modernized ranching techniques that enhance productivity and profitability.”

A critical aspect of MJE Livestock Equipment’s strategy is its support for dealers in marketing and promotion efforts. The company’s deep understanding of the cattle industry informs the design of its products, ensuring they meet the needs of ranchers. Comprehensive market research and dealer training empower their partners to effectively communicate the value of the products, fostering successful and mutually beneficial relationships.


The latest additions to the dealer network include:

  • CATL Resources, St. Onge, South Dakota
  • Farmers Elevator, Happy Texas
  • Stephenville Pipe, Stephenville, Texas
  • Morgan Livestock Equipment, Bowie, Texas
  • San Antonio Steel Company, San Antonio, Texas
  • Northeast Texas Farmers Cooperative, Sulphur Springs, Texas
  • Northeast Texas Farmers Cooperative, Greenville, Texas
  • Northeast Texas Farmers Cooperative, Clarksville, Texas
  • Northeast Texas Farmers Cooperative, Canton, Texas

Heather Jantz, enthusiastic about these new collaborations, states: “We are delighted to welcome our new partners. Their expertise and commitment will significantly contribute to our mission of helping ranchers throughout the U.S. This collaboration will provide outstanding facilities and strategic herd management solutions that deliver tangible benefits to our customers.”


As MJE Livestock Equipment continues its dynamic expansion, they are excited to announce the creation of two new pivotal roles within our team. These positions are integral to our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service and support to our dealers and customers.

Inside Sales Representative

They seek a passionate and dedicated Inside Sales Representative to join the team. This role involves handling local sales and addressing customer inquiries with professionalism and product knowledge. The ideal candidate will be the front-line communicator for in-house sales, crucial in building and maintaining customer relationships. This position offers a unique opportunity to become an integral part of the sales team, contributing directly to the growth and success of MJE Livestock Equipment.

Dealer Relations Manager

MJE LE is also seeking a Dealer Relations Manager in response to the expanding dealer network. This role focuses on supporting new dealers by providing them with ongoing education, sales training, and effective management of their orders. The Dealer Relations Manager will be pivotal in ensuring our dealers are well-equipped to effectively meet customer needs and represent our brand. They are looking for someone who can foster strong relationships, provide expert guidance, and ensure the dealers have the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.

These roles are more than just jobs; they are opportunities to grow with a company at the forefront of the livestock equipment industry.


Interested parties wishing to join the expanding dealer network can schedule a discovery call with Sales Director Michael Cowley with MJE Livestock Equipment at mcowley@mjellc.net or visit the Become A Dealer section of the website.

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