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Elite and Rebel Fence Panels and Gates Help Ranchers

Durable and rugged are traits MJE Livestock Equipment is known for. But our new Elite and Rebel fence panels and gates are adding to that list. For ranchers and cow calf operators who need staying power, but also might speed and mobility, these product lines provide the answer.

Both systems are designed to be unloaded and set up quickly without extra equipment. Within two hours, operators can transform a bare piece of ground without preexisting structures into an average size corral that’s ready to work livestock. Smaller pens can be working cattle within an hour.

Rebel Panels are Ready to Move

The Rebel panel system is designed for maximum portability. It uses 1.5-inch, OD 16 gauge American-made tubing rails and 14-gauge legs. Standing 5 feet in height, they also stretch in length from 8 to 12 feet, to meet the requirements of the jobs.

These panels can store on a 40-unit trailer for quick transport and setup. Their size and weight make it easier for single operators to handle and assemble, while the rounded j-leg bases are ideal for minimal impact on the ground, including temporary setups on paved surfaces for towns, tradeshows or festival gatherings.

Working a show in the heat of July? The Rebel panel won’t sink into the asphalt like a straight-leg panel might.

There’s no need to pour posts in cement or weld it in place. MJE Livestock Equipment panels, gate panels and overhead gate panels are designed to meet the flexibility of the operation. Ready to expand from 25 head to 50? Just unpin and add on. The modular system is easily configurable and allows growth to meet your needs.

The system’s portability benefits ranchers and operators using rented ground. An entire corral can be built, then taken down and moved to a new location without permanent impact on the ground.

Tough Elite Panels Built to Last

Our Elite system of panels and gate panels are known for their sturdiness and solid fabrication. They’re still designed for easy setup, but like all our products, they’re built to last. The Elite panels start with 1.9-inch, OD 14 gauge American-made tubing. The six-bar panels are durably built with mitered corners and saddled rails for maximum strength.

Sized to fit the needs of cattle operators, they come with a 6-foot height, and stretch between 8 to 16 feet in length. Elite gates come in a variety of sizes, beginning with 7-foot frame housing a 6-foot gate and panel. The overhead gates expand to 7-foot, 8-inch height or even 9-foot, 6-inch height with the Elite ridethrough gate.

What separates this system from others on the market is the all-saddled construction, including both vertical and horizontal rails. It allows easy pinning and unpinning, but ensures the panels and gates will stay in place where they’re needed. The standard spring latch makes for easy openings and closings.

The Elite system of fence panels and gates still offer the flexibility of a modular system. They’re designed to reconfigure according to your operation’s needs and growth.

Look Out for New Components

We’re getting close to releasing the next components in our Elite system. Look for additional products that will continue to make a safer job for both the operator and the livestock. Our designers have listened to ranchers and cowboys and designed better ways to keep livestock healthy and happy.

Be assured that next generation of MJE Livestock Equipment products will have the same high level of quality and durability you’re accustomed to, and are designed to complement existing Elite panels and gates to function seamlessly.

Ready to Get to Work

However small you start, MJE Livestock Equipment can help you grow. See how the full line of Elite and Rebel products can assist your operation.


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