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Steve Deges, Lead Product Designer

Steve Deges, Lead Product Designer


MJE Livestock Equipment Expands Dealer Network to Meet Growing Market Demand

Dealer Demand is High

MJE Livestock Equipment, a leader in innovative livestock solutions, is thrilled to announce the appointment of several new dealers to its rapidly growing distribution network. Adding these dealers marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion efforts. MJE Livestock Equipment is well-positioned to revolutionize how progressive ranchers operate with a product lineup built to change how cattle are cared for in the livestock industry.

“The rapid growth of our Dealer network blows me away, “Chief Operations Officer Heather Jantz says. She adds, “The Conquistador Wheel Corral, our flagship product, has gained immense popularity among ranchers, resulting in an overwhelming demand across the country.” 

Ranchers can experience The Conquistador firsthand by visiting local dealerships and attending farm and ranch shows across the country. With active dealers in eleven states and counting, MJE Livestock Equipment is dedicated to providing American-made livestock equipment to ranchers in every state, ensuring easy access to cutting-edge livestock equipment. 

Ranchers Seek The Conquistador

Megan Elsey, Marketing Director at MJE Livestock Equipment, reveals, “We have thousands of visitors to our website seeking more information about The Conquistador Wheel Corral every month, all seeking more information about The Conquistador and our dealers, and that number continues to grow. We anticipate record-breaking sales from coast to coast across the United States as demand for The Conquistador continues to surge. ” 

“Our ultimate goal has always been to enhance cattle care and make life easier and more profitable for ranchers through our dealer network. We differentiate ourselves from competitors by offering dealer and ranchers advanced equipment and innovative ranching methods that optimize efficiency and improve bottom lines,” explains Jantz. 

Critically, MJE Livestock Equipment supports its dealers throughout the promotion and marketing process. Key selling points are built into the design of MJE Livestock Equipment based on years of experience working in the cattle industry. Extensive market research and training allow dealers to guide ranchers through the calculations needed to showcase an easy investment return, ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships. 

New Dealerships include:

  • Buzbee Feed & Seed, Waco, Texas
  • CH Brush Control, Gonzalez, Texas
  • Mitchell’s Feed, Throckmorton, Texas
  • Rockin H Cross Ranch, Montague, California
  • Seed and Farm Supply, Lamar, Missouri

Heather Jantz expresses her excitement about the new partnerships: “MJE Livestock Equipment provides unmatched expertise in helping ranchers raise livestock that maximizes their returns. Our new partners will be invaluable assets to ranchers across the U.S. as we collaborate to design exceptional facilities and offer strategic herd management strategies for our customers.” 


Anyone interested in becoming an appointed dealer can schedule a discovery call with MJE Livestock Equipment by clicking here.  

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