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ROI Calculator

Calculating ROI for the Stocker Operator

Cattle and their calves are less stressed physically and emotionally when worked in their current environment or on pasture versus separating and shipping calves to be worked.

Enter Your Herd Size Here

Once you enter your herd size, you can see the additional
weight gain you can expect from additional care for these
calves and how it translates to money in your pocket.

Phase I - New Calf Tagging/Branding
(Approx. 0-3 Months)

Add an additional 25#/calf by administering a hormone
implant in the field using The Conquistador.

Phase II - Weaning State
(Approx. 6 Months)

Add an additional 20#/calf by deworming calves and
taking time to de-lice

Did you know that the average cost per mile for 5-wire fence is $12,500? De-licing you cattle prevents the spread of lice, reducing the need to scratch their backs along your fence.

Phase III - Final Working Session
(Approx. 9 Months)

Add an additional 3-6% body weight by working cattle in
the field throughout their first year. No shipping, less stress.

Total additional lbs added

Total Added Value of Your Herd

Calculating the Cost of Open Cows

Enter Your Herd Size Here

Figure A

Take the size of your herd and multiply by 5%, which will
give you the number of open cows on average per herd

Figure B

Average feed and upkeep costs per open cow are between $600-$800 annually

Figure C

Open cows mean a significant loss in herd value.
550 lbs/calf x $1.60/lb = $880

Total Potential Profit Loss by Not Culling Open Cows

It is acceptable to preg-check your herd 45 days after the last bull exposure. The Conquistador wheel corral allows ranchers to preg check, sort, and ship open cows early and may give ranchers time to ship open cows early, purchase replacement females, and stop incurring expenses for unproductive females