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Pride of the Farm Dura-Bull® Mineral Feeder


Pride of the Farm Dura-Bull® Mineral Feeders help your mineral program be a success. Animals are easily attracted to these feeders Cows, Bulls, Calves, Small Ruminants, and even Horses! No training is necessary. Volume discount available for purchases of 7 or more feeders – see the discounted price reflected in your cart.


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  • 3-Compartment Mineral Feeder
  • Comes with Heavy-Duty 3/8″ thick 42″ flap with link pin to ride up when lifted by animals. This permits give and extends the life of the flap.
  • Durapride Body High Density polyethylene.
  • Hindereed amine light stabilizer, the most effective ultraviolet inhibitor
  • Approximate capacity – 40 head of animals, or 150-200 lbs of mineral/feed
  • Minemal Maintenance
  • Weather Resistant
  • Cannot Tip
  • Economically Priced
  • Ecnomical to Maintain


Pride Tuff Features
“Natural Grazing” Feeder Advantages
Cows eating with their heads in the downward “natural grazing” position produced 17% more saliva than those eating from an elevated surface. Additional salivation had a direct positive influence on the efficiency of rumen function. Overall digestion was significantly enhanced.
From a Study by: McFarlane, I.S. Bovine behavior patterns. Livestock Breeder Journal. December 15 (no. 12):6.

Milking cows were observed for the occurrence of feed-tossing behavior. When given the choice of eating from an elevated (11 inches – 28 cm) bunk versus one at ground level, the cows chose the lower level and feed tossing was not observed. This study concluded that the solution to feed sorting and throwing is designing equipment which permits cattle to feed “in the natural, head-down, grazing-like position”.
From a study by: Albright. J.L. and W.R. Stricklin, Provisions for cattle welfare. In: C.J.C. Phillips (Ed.)New Techniques in Cattle Production.pp149-161. Butterworths, London.

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Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 41.5 in

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