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Johnson 45 Gallon Water Tank


Built with features to last, Johnson Waterers withstand punishing weather and prove to be dependable year after year. Volume discounts available.


All ‘C’ Models

  • Heavy-duty concrete tank(reinforced with rebar and fibermesh
  • Safe, quick and easy to lift and set
  • Epoxy painted trough and outside
  • Chamfered edges
  • Notched top for controlled overflow
  • Brass or plastic water valves
  • Brass float stem (Stainless steel available)
  • Low profile hood to reduce cattle rubbing wear
  • Galvanized and hinged hood to protect valves (Stainless Steel available)
  • Large galvanized side access doors for easy hook-ups (Stainless Steel available)
  • 1″Stainless steel water inlet coupler
  • Sloped trough bottom with 3″rubber plug for fast and easy cleaning
  • Polyurethane insulation sprayed on under trough for efficient operation
  • CSA Approved>

Constant Flow Models

  • Brass needle valve installed in addition to float valve for overflow (PVC Available)
  • 5″ Polypropylene floats
  • 3″ Overflow coupler (2″ Available)
  • Galvanized support bracket for overflow pipe (Stainless Steel available)
  • Optional Ice preventing valves available for saving water

Electric Models

  • 5″ Copper Floats
  • 500 or1000 Watt heating element – 120 volt (240 volt optional)
  • Adjustable brass thermostat


Johnson Concrete Products’ concrete livestock waterers are also known as concrete tanks, constant flow tanks, and cattle waterers. While Johnson’s livestock waterers are primarily cattle waterers, the water troughs are also used as sheep waterers, game tanks, deer tanks, dairy waterers and more.

Additional information

Weight 1400 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 35 × 25 in

Available Options

Constant Flow, Constant Flow Microsweep, Electric