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Efficiency in Action

We examined every aspect of manufacturing and imagined a better way to do it. From fabricating to painting, we’ve honed our processes for efficiency, reducing steps and lowering costs. See how unique engineering produces quality equipment for you on a faster schedule, without cutting corners.

Designed to Solve Problems

MJE Livestock Equipment’s process is simple. We listen, we see, we solve. The equipment we manufacture is designed to address specific needs of farmers and ranchers. We begin by observing how farmers work and ask what’s missing. Then we create unique equipment that makes their work safer and easier.

MJE is innovative and always looking for creative solutions. We had looked into many different solutions to secure our hutches, none of which were practical or efficient. When we brought this issue to MJE, they came back to us within a few weeks with a pretty ingenious system – the Calf Hutch Latch.

Scott Ball
Owner, Deer Creek Feeding

Built with Integrity

Starting with American-made steel, our products are manufactured by skilled welders and fabricators in Montezuma, Kansas, the heart of cattle country. Livestock equipment built to withstand the hard-working requirements of farmers, ranchers and large-scale feeding operations. Built to work, built to last.

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